Liked on YouTube: How to Root the OnePlus 3

Liked on YouTube: How to Root the OnePlus 3


Video Description:
The OnePlus 3 is an amazing phone. Slick metal design, 6GB of RAM (not a typo and more than a PC in my house has), and a clean version of Android that just flies. Best of all? All of this is only $399 factory unlocked from OnePlus’ site.

Now, even though it’s a great phone, there is always room for improvement. One such way to improve an Android phone is to root it. If you root the OnePlus 3, you’ll get access to root-only apps in the Play Store, be able to flash a custom recovery and even flash custom ROMs (think new versions of Android with custom skins, performance tweaks, etc.).

Thanks to OnePlus’ own lax attitude towards rooting (this is a company that used to use Cyanogen, master of rooting, on their devices), it’s pretty easy to do and easy to undo as well. Here’s how to root the OnePlus 3.

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September 17, 2016 at 06:26PM

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