Liked on YouTube: Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 114

Liked on YouTube: Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 114

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6:00 Semantic Mastery Crew! Hope all is well. I have a follow up question, I asked this a while back and what I asked was should I noindex my blog category page as it has a summary of the blog posts and I didnt want any duplicate content issues on my site and you advised to noindex it so I did And that works well for my lead gen sites because I dont care about ranking the blog but I’m about to set up an affiliate site and would like to blog to rank. Should I still noindex it and forget about ranking my blog or is there something that can be done?

11:00 An On-Page SEO Question: I’m building out an authority site, and I want to sculpt PR/Authority on my site via the internal linking structures and keep as much link juice as possible. However, I also want to link out to authority sites too. Would it be wise to no follow all of these links or not? What are your thoughts?

18:00 Hi all, one of my clients has a website ranking well, however we are building another new site for them and copying their old site content and articles over. We plan to give the old articles a facelift (making sure it´s optimized well), and updated with new images that are even more relevant for the market today. Both sites are now live, but the old site will soon be closed. We currently link from the old site to the new one, and eventually we will 301 from the old site to the new. Can you give us any tips on this kind of process and work, whats the best way to do this, and make sure all their backlinks copy over, and we maximise link juice etc?

23:00 Quick citation questions – any insight on YEXT? Good, bad, indifferent… How negative is the outcome when cancelling a contract in regards to citations and any “NAP damage?” Also seems like some of their sites have do follow links, esp to FB and Twitter. Is it just worth it for a company to keep their monthly subscription or dump it. Any other recommendations.

26:00 Is it safe to blast the with SAPE backlink?

32:00 Please go into some depth on video syndication pbns. Themes..domain name choices…hosting options.. Any maintnence involved. I need to set some up. I want to purchase some domains off of serpspace. Any insight would be appreciated

38:00 If you use a copy of the exact same image on multiple pages and use different file names is this a low quality signal or is this a good way to improve relevance?

40:00 What impact do you guys think that rankbrain is having on the indexing and ranking of website assets such as articles etc. ?

43:00 I want to make a page on my site a static or sticky page and co citation with one particular outside authority site in Lisa’s Rankfeedr. Can we add that same page to multiple rss feeds and have a different page from the outside authority site to each of the different created feeds?

45:00 what are the expectations with in-stream video ads? I ran a test campaign with placements that were topically relevant (although many of these placement videos didn’t have intent). Unfortunately, the results were disappointing… I received about 350 views and only 1 phone call. My ads are f…

January 14, 2017 at 07:31PM

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